Finally, The Truth About How Pros Build Winning FanDuel Lineups

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When I started playing FanDuel (in 2012) I was probably just like you...

I thought I had to build some crazy lineup to get a shot at winning a big tournament. But then I started watching the leaderboard each week...

And I was constantly saying to myself, "I could've made that lineup!"

You see, people weren't winning by using players that had to get extremely lucky to score points.

People were using good players, finding them at the right values, creating unique lineup combinations, and using game theory to set themselves apart...

And, of course, they had to be lucky enough for all their players to do well, but the way they built their lineups dramatically put the odds in their favor.

Hi, I'm Reginald Appleby and I want to share my best strategies and tips with you (and they don't include submitting hundreds of lineups in a single contest).

These tips have put me in the top 10% of NFL DFS players.

But that's not all, I'm bringing some friends with me...

Jonny Danger, Brewery Mark, Lou Landers, and...

Your new best friend, Chris E-Sports, a top 1% DFS player in multiple sports (and a Week 1 $200k winner!)

We've packed our 30+ years of DFS experience into the tips and tricks you need to become a better DFS player. No hype, no gimmicks. Just pure strategy.

We call it, the DFS Blueprint!

And inside, we're going to show you the secrets to building winning lineups so you can have more fun and cash more often without making multiple lineups and without spending thousands each week.

You'll Learn What the Pros Know About...

Creating high-floor vs high-ceiling lineups...

Using Vegas lines and odds...

Leveraging correlation, anticorrelation, and correlation stacks...

Using regression to exploit public sentiment...

Winning without using hail-mary players...

Team-stacking, game-stacking, and over-stacking...

And much more!

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Give me more!

When you get the DFS Blueprint today, we'll throw in our weekly NFL player picks! These are the exact players we use as the foundation of our lineups, provided every week of the season.

We'll tell you why we like them, what types of contests to use them in, what stacks and correlations we like, and more!

Want to see some of our most recent wins?

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Get the DFS Blueprint ($27 value) and Weekly NFL Picks ($200 value) for only $65!

This offer literally (figuratively) pays for itself...

One good week of 50/50s and you've paid for your membership, but you have to act now!

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Satisfaction guaranteed!

If you read the DFS Blueprint and our weekly content and you don't learn something new in the first 7 days, we'll send back every penny you paid and you can keep the Blueprint!

Plus our COVID guarantee...

***If the 2020 NFL season is cancelled you'll be credited with the 2021 DFS package.***



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